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Use the Internet or Strayer databases to review one (1) digital source for law. Be prepared to discuss.

This week’s discussion is on “electronic sources.” Please respond to ALL of the following questions for full credit. Failure to address any of these question will result in points deductions. In order to earn full credit for this question you MUST complete the e-Activity and use the source you researched to complete this response. Your response must be in your own writing. Cutting and pasting from other sources is not acceptable. All posts will be scanned for plagiarism at the end of the week using SafeAssign. You should prepare your ideas and use peer-reviewed academic sources to SUPPORT your ideas. Websites, encyclopedias are not acceptable sources.

Determine two (2) methods that paralegals could employ to help keep the cost of e-research affordable. Identify one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage for each method.

From the e-Activity, describe the selected digital source that you have reviewed. Explore the significant way(s) in which the selected technology enables a paralegal to conduct efficient research. Provide one (1) example of an instance where a paralegal should utilize such a resource.


Two methods that paralegals could employ to help keep the cost of e-research affordable are the use of the Internet and the subscription of a particular newsletter. Bouchoux (2014) says that the website http://lp.findlaw.com offers an excellent newsletter services. To keep the cost of e-research affordable, a legal researcher should subscribe to news bulletins from a website that is law-related (Bouchoux, 2014). The website http://lp.findlaw.com provides news bulletins or updates to a certain topic. A paralegal has certain topic that interests him or her. And this paralegal should stick with updates relevant to the topic of his or her interest.

The World Wide Web is a helpful tool for legal researchers. The Internet provides answers to particular questions about law, legal terms, etc. Bouchoux (2014) lists some questions that the Internet can give answers to. An example of “What is the definition of copyright in federal law?” I tried to find the answer to the question in the Internet and I found this interesting site https://www.law.cornell.edu operated by the Cornell University Law School. The law is about copyright; and the digital source is https://www.law.cornell.edu. The first sentence reads, “The U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§ 101 – 810, is Federal legislation enacted by Congress under its Constitutional grant of authority to protect the writings of authors” (Slade, 2016). The interface titled Copyright discusses about the U.S. Code: Title 17 – COPYRIGHTS. The U.S. Copyright Act is said to be a law enacted by Congress. The U.S. Constitution grants Congress the right to enact laws. And the U.S. Copyright Act shields the works of authors.

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