ENG101 Northern Virginia Community College Playing God WNYC Podcast Questions

  1. Listen to the WNYC podcast “Playing God (Links to an external site.).” As you listen, pause the show to write down any details or quotes that strike you as compelling.
  2. After listening, choose three moments from the podcast (from the quotes or details you wrote down) and craft three questions inspired by these observations. In the shift from observation to inquiry, make a conscious effort to shift from kairotic thinking into chronic thinking. Question the perpetual systems that are linked to the events described in the podcast.
  3. Rewrite the three questions to frame them for an academic audience. Example: “How do doctors decide who to see first in an emergency?” might become “What criteria do doctors typically use to determine which conditions to prioritize?”
  4. For each question, create a list of smaller, more specific (and more calculable) questions that are embedded in the broader question.
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