enlarge an essay from 5 pages to 11 pages

Do a research on each of the factor to describe Hong Kong. And end up with a paragraph summary in the very end of the essay.

2. Environment

2.1 Geography

2.2 Climate

2.3 land utilization

2.4 Population

3. Society

3.1 Culture

3.2 Food

3.3 Languages

3.4 Entertainment

4. Religion


4.2 Taoism

4.3 Catholicism

4.4 Judaism

4.5 Protestantism

5. Education

5.1 Pre-school

5.2 Primary School

5.3 High school

5.4 university

5.5 health

7. Key macroeconomic Variables

7.1 GNP and GDP growth

7.2 unemployment rate

7.3 investment

7.4 income

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