Event Planning Management

When thinking of an event and then rationally implementing the idea, decision making needs to occur for the event concept to work. The event proposal is used to keep the planning on track and to brief everyone involved (stakeholders, vendors, sponsors, and so on). For this assignment, create a strategic plan identifying how you will plan and execute a successful event by addressing the following:

  • Explain the physical layout and venue descriptions or requirements (staging, décor, lighting, sound, catering, activities, parking, and so on).
    • Here you will find some ideas and descriptions for the perfect physical layout.
  • Identify the agencies that may be involved (contractors, technicians, entertainers, suppliers, security, and so on).
  • List and identify staffing requirements.
  • Explain any local or state regulations that need addressing.

You are to create a marketing advertisement for this event between 800–1,000 words. This could be in the form of a flyer, news ad, or any other form of marketing.


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