Excel problems for economics

On Excel, demonstrate that you can solve for PV, FV, PMT,  and IRR.

1. What is the FV of an investment of $10,000 which pays 7% interest, compounded monthly, for five years?  What is the FV is it’s compounded semi-annually for 5 years? 

2.  What is the monthly payment for a $800,000 mortgage for the first 119 payments that is due in 10 years, has a 25 year amortization, at 5% interest? What is the amount of the 120th payment?

3.  What is the IRR of a $10,000 investment which pays $500 end of year 1, $0 end of year 2, $800 end of year 3, $900 end of year 4 and $10,600 at the end of year 5?

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