fallacies often found in arguments, communications homework help

Your text discusses fallacies often found in arguments. We are surrounded by advertising. Look at some of the advertisements you have recently seen. Pick two of the following topics and discuss how you saw these employed in these arguments in the advertising you saw.

  1. Hasty generalization,
  2. False cause,
  3. Ad hominem argument,
  4. Either-or.
  5. Strawperson

Be certain your reader can understand both the theory you are discussing and the advertisement you are referring to. You may use more than one advertisement.

Discussion Expectations :

  • Divide your answers into their parts.
  • Use bold headlines to separate the unique parts of each answer and complete the answer under the headline.
  • Include references to your text. These references must include APA citations.
  • Include personal observations, experiences, thoughts, examples and/or opinions related to the cited information.
  • Upload your initial posting by the day 3 of the class week.
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