fuel efficiency standards IN the United States Environmental science homework help

This week’s environmental controversy is focused on the question of fuel efficiency standards in the United States. Review the background information. Then, using the References along with resources from your own research, write a 1-2 page response to the questions that follow. Remember to cite your sources using proper APA format.

Background Information

This week’s readings discuss the importance of increasing the fuel efficiencies of motor vehicles. Certainly, further increases in fuel efficiency would make the United States less dependent on petroleum imports. Proponents of using additional government regulations to increase fuel efficiency argue that the CAFE standards have been successful and that further regulations are desperately needed to conserve dwindling petroleum supplies.

Opponents argue that motor vehicle manufacturers are only giving consumers what they want, and that service organizations and large families often need SUVs and other larger vehicles that have limited fuel efficiency. Rather than using more government regulations, opponents further argue that increased fuel prices and educating consumers on environmental and energy issues will increase the market for more fuel efficient vehicles.


Use these references along with resources from your own research to help answer the questions that follow.

Plummer, J. (2002, April). Higher Fuel-Efficiency Standards Defeated, Consumers Win. Consumers’ Research Magazine, 85(4), 38. Retrieved April 21, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database.

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Agras, J., & Chapman, D. (1999, July). The Kyoto Protocol, Cafe Standards, and Gasoline Taxes. Contemporary Economic Policy, 17(3), 296. Retrieved April 21, 2009, from Business Source Complete database.

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Dunn Jr., J. (1999, Winter99). The politics of automobility. Brookings Review, 17(1), 40. Retrieved April 21, 2009, from Business Source Complete database.

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Based upon what you have read, do you believe that the government should greatly increase fuel efficiency standards for all vehicles? What arguments most influenced your decision? How would you explain your position to someone who disagrees with you?

Please make this in APA format.
Please cite within the paper as well.
Please make paper 1-2 pages.

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