Georgian Court University gender Role in Hills Like White Elephants Paper

prepare a 1,500 word research paper. To create a research paper the student is expected to come up with a topic of his or her choosing, research that topic using ONLY scholarly sources, and report his or her findings using appropriate grammar and format.

  • Contain an introduction paragraph which 1) introduces the audience to the issue being addressed, 2) identifies clearly the writer’s claim, 3) examines why this information is important to the specified audience, 4) announces the organization of the paper.
  • Offer a thesis statement in the form of an argument.
  • Offer academic sources to support the thesis statement.
  • Include evidence of scholarly research such as peer-reviewed academic articles:
  • Maintain focus on the paper’s thesis throughout.
  • Organize the material presented in a consistent, rational manner.
  • Contain a conclusion that reasserts the writer’s thesis statement and reiterates the introduction.
  • Use transitions to achieve unity between ideas and paragraphs.
  • Use conventions of standard written English (appropriate diction, no omitted words, grammar, punctuation, spelling).
  • Follow MLA format guidelines
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