Report Brexit Discussion Question NAFTA

Following World War II, Germany and France initiated discussions to align themselves in a way which would promote rebuilding, future growth and stability. The European Economic Community was formed in 1957 with the six original members: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy joining forces to create the EEC. Great Britain joined in 1973, and remained committed as the EEC transformed into the customs union we now know as the European Union (EU) until the June 23, 2016 vote on the referendum to have Great Britain exit the EU prevailed.

As you read through the information about the effect of BREXIT on the BBC’s website, consider the reasons for the founding nations to have formed the original agreement. Do you think Great Britain made the right decision to leave?

Pls read the article and answer in 1-2 paragraph in APA style, pls include at least one outside resource and cite it.

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