Given the current backlog of civil cases in our federal,

Given the current backlog of civil cases in our federal, state, and county court system, and the ever increasing cost of litigation, many people facing disputes among themselves or with various organizations are electing to go to alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The most common means of ADR are arbitration, mediation,and mini-trials (Judge Judy), but a number of other types ADR are available. Pursuing a major civil case in county court will probably take three Years to complete and cost $_00,000. On the other hand, arbitration will probably take 60 days, and cost $30,000 – $50,000. So, you are facing a dispute with your former employer of 25 years, who is trying to deny you certain benefits that you gained legal title to (you think) over these years of employment.

  • What choices do you have in pursuing your claim for past employment benefits?
  • What are the various factors you need to consider in choosing a route to recovery?
  • You are very confident you will prevail at the end of the process, and recover your benefits. So, what action do you pursue?

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