GoGo Gadgets Now that wi-fi and other types of high-speed wireless networks are becoming common,…

GoGo Gadgets Now that wi-fi and other types of high-speed wireless networks are becoming common, devices using that technology are multiplying rapidly. Wireless gadgets run the gamut from cell phones to kitchen appliances and digital cameras. Here are some of the hottest new wireless broadband gadgets.

Samsung's $3,499 POPCON refrigerator will feature a wi-fi enabled, detachable screen that can function as a TV.

The fridge also can be programmed to remember products' expiration dates and generate alerts when the milk is getting old.

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is small enough to fit in a pocket. It comes with a 4.13-inch-wide touch screen that can be used to access the Web over a wi-fi network.

The $350 device can also access the Web via a cell phone with a Bluetooth connection. Motorola's latest E815 mobile phone operates over Verizon Wireless's new EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) wireless network, offering speeds comparable to digital subscriber line (DSL).

The phone can even record and play back video clips. It also features a built-in MP3 digital music player. Hop-On's just-announced HOP 1515 may look like a typical cell phone, but it actually makes calls over wi-fi networks.

Typically sold with a $20 to $30 monthly service plan, the phone allows for unlimited over-the-Web international and long-distance calling.

The $39 HOP 1515 is sold through wi-fi hotspot operators, wireless carriers, and retailers. Eastman Kodak's EasyShare-One is a digital camera with wi-fi capabilities, allowing users to share their snapshots wirelessly. You will be able to snap a photo and immediately show it to a friend on a wi-fi-enabled PC or TV.


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