Grace M60

The project management assignment you are working on.

Please bid $1

Post the answer here to doc 10 and discussion 4 and 5.

This is an example of phase 4 discussion board,

  • Abstract

  • Project Outline

  • Organizational Structure     

  • Personality Type Assessment Results

  1. Thoughts on the Assessment 

  2. Personal Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses     

  3. Action Plan   

  • Impact Analysis on Organization Implementing Change

  1. Power / Interest Grid 

  2. Power / Influence Grid 

  3. Influence / Impact Grid

  4. Salience Model

  5. Stakeholders Engagement Assessment 

  • Stakeholder Management Plan

  • Communications Plan

  • Negotiation Strategy and Plan

  • References

    based on what we’ve done so far can a Key Assignment Outline be done?

I will send you the other students work required for the discussion ASAP probably tomorrow.

Till then please bid.

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