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Paper #2: Synthesis Paper

Paper #2 focuses around the act of analysis, which involves identifying and examining an author’s argument and evidence, and also synthesis, which is examining his or her argument against another point of view.

For paper 2, using either “The New Science of Happiness,” Socrates, Aristotle, or Epicurus’ ideas as a “lens” to create context for your argument, focus on one particular aspect of happiness discussed throughout The Geography of Bliss and explain its significance to people’s happiness. You should consider counterarguments as well as your own lived experiences in developing your ideas in a 3-4 page thesis-driven expository essay. Focused topics include things such as envy, expectations, pleasure, nature, creativity, history, identity, taxes, religion, choice, money, death, trust, connections, etc.

Papers will need to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Evidence of analysis of ideas from given sources (avoid just summarizing the plot)
  • Clear synthesis of various sources along with your own argument and ideas
  • Clear, compelling thesis that is supported by the entire essay
  • Adequate and effective use of support to advance arguments
  • Strong organization of ideas and use of coherence techniques
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills
  • Formatted in MLA standards with college-level writing including in text citation of quoted of paraphrased text and a Works Cited page

Readings to Draw From:

The Geography of Bliss Eric Weiner (required)

“The New Science of Happiness” Claudia Wallis (option 1)

One of the following philosophers (fr website: http://www.pursuit-of-happiness.org) (option 2)

Socrates Aristotle Epicurus

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