HIST110 American University Possessing the Past Questions

HIST 110: Short Writing Assignment #1: Findlen, “Possessing the Past”

Directions: Answer the following questions in short paragraphs. Students should read and take notes on the reading prior to answering these questions. If you use direct quotations from the texts, you must include page numbers for citation.

  • What does Findlen mean when she writes, “What is most striking about the Renaissance, in the popular imagination, is its legacy as a reproducible past” (85)?
  • Why might this reproducibility be problematic in assessing and understanding the past?
  • What was one of the “fundamental features” of the Renaissance? Why did it matter then, and now?
  • How did Renaissance collectors try to preserve the past, and was this a good thing?
  • In your opinion, how should we understand the Renaissance today? Through what means, what sources?

answer this 5 question

and each question must write like a paragraph, use this source, and use the apa citation

must write totally 5 pages.

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