how inmates are treated in the United States as opposed to other countries, Criminal Law Discussion help



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I have watched several videos comparing how inmates are treated in the United States as opposed to other countries and I have found that here in the U.S., inmates are treated a lot worse where in contrast other countries they are respected and treated like human beings. In an ethical correctional system, prisoner humanity would be respected in the use of force because correctional officers won’t try to intimidate the inmates and abuse their power.


Many different states have adopted the “Three Strike” rule for the courts. To me there are times where the three strikes rules which fall under the incapacitation theories. I don’t agree with that rule in some aspects as the rules for it are too broad. Yes, it does put career criminals away that should be locked away for a very long time, but at the same time it will lock people away that are just stuck in a bad spot and cannot get out of it at times.


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The main reason for prison is to rehabilitate, however with laws such as the “three strikes” it makes prison more of a way to incapacitate someone. If society made it a bit easier for someone who has done their time and just wants to get a decent job, with decent pay, and make a new life for themselves, then we could help reduce recidivism. When an offender has served their sentence, but continues to be punished by not being able to work, or to find a place to live, then they have a higher chance of committing another crime. They become institutionalized. Life is easier for them when they are incarcerated instead of being out in the real world. As for incapacitation, the three strikes is a perfect example of how that works. If an offender has been convicted of a crime, no matter what the crime, they are going to prison for life. That is a bit harsh in some cases. Not all crimes should be treated with the same punishment, and the three strikes makes that a bit impossible.


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