HRMN 400 Week 1 discussion 2, management homework

Kindly send me a response to this Classmate.


Carl C. Smith

CEO, Human Solutions Software, Inc.

Subject: HSS’s Strategic Plan

As a valued employee and Director of Human Solutions Software, it is with great importance that I share with you the importance of a professional HR function being part of the strategic plan at HSS. This is key because,” Information overload and centrifugal goals cause employees and organisations to spin away from their basic sense of purpose and direction” (Hamel, 2009).

Other companies are on board with the every evolving HR functions and this strategic plan will ensure that we are operational and competitive just in the same. I encourage you to exercise HR functions within this organization. The strategic plan with an understanding that, “HR is an all-pervading function and it is the individual manager whose primary responsibility it is to manage its human resources, blend them into an effective team, manage their performance and address their needs and aspirations, such as they achieve more.” “HR today, more than ever in the past, is everybody’s business” (Hamel, 2009).

HR competencies, research, professional development, as well as HR standards will solidify oppunities within our vast profession. This adds value to the organization in shaping decision making and business practices. Lastly, I’m confident that you will be satisfied with the strategic plan that will mirror your vision of employee needs and management requirements.


Tonya Johnson

Human Solutions Software, Incorporated

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