HSA4184 st Petersburg College Thai Health Behavior Modification Discussion

ASSIGNMENT: Behavior Modification in the Community:

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with opportunities to develop awareness of behavior modification in the community. It is all around us. Hopefully most is based on positive reinforcement principles. There are some things that are really based on negative reinforcement principles (i.e. driving the speed limit (desired behavior) to avoid getting a ticket).

* Find a newspaper article, magazine article, internet advertisement, etc., that relates to behavior modification.

* Describe how this item you found relates to behavior modification, i.e., an advertisement for a fitness center provides coupons as incentive for joining. You can cash in the coupons for free sessions with a personal trainer. The ad uses a lot of motivational techniques, positive reinforcement, and rewards as incentive to join. If you chose this ad you would share more information about the behavior targeted for change, the motivation for the change, how the person would be reinforced, etc.

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