i am having a little trouble making a restaurant layout and design, management homework help

layout and design plan (2 pages) 
Course Objective(s):

  • Create an efficient restaurant layout


You are now one step closer to making your dream of owning your own restaurant a reality. The action plan you prepared in Week 2 has been approved by a group of investors. Upon analyzing and evaluating the information you provided, the investors feel that it is investment they would like to pursue further.

  • They have asked you to prepare a design and layout of your proposed operation. They would like to hear about your vision of the establishment. This needs to include detailed descriptions of the outside and inside of your facility.
    • The inside of the facility should include all areas such as prep, kitchen, and dish departments.
    • The front of the house will need to include dining rooms, service areas, public restrooms, and so on.
  • They have also asked for you to provide a description of the overall atmosphere that the guest will experience, including colors, sounds, lighting, and the theme in the facility.

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