I need help with a business and finance assignment

1- Attached are the revised instructions for the TED Talk.  Part One:  You are to write a one-page (1) summary and analysis (like you did for the article) explaining what the TED talk was about and what you thought about it.  Part Two:  You are to answer the 5 questions making sure pay attention to Question 5

Ted Talk Assignment.docx 

2- I need summary and analysis for this, should be 2-3 paragraphs 


3- I need summary analysis for this also, should be 2-3 paragraphs


4- I need email to my manager to discuss the opening a coffee shop at New York Ave in Washington DC , I would to provide the negative and positive of the location ,For example ( parking, transportation, and traffic ) , and I want to provide him with recommendations for the location  

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