I NEED Lab 2 And Lab 3

Lab 1: Observing Bacteria and BloodLab 2: Bacterial MorphologyLab 3: Aseptic Technique and Culturing MicrobesLab 4: Isolation of Individual ColoniesLab 5: Differential StainingLab 6: Methyl Red Voges-Proskauer TestLab 7: Antibiotic Sensitivity(1) Remember to answer all of the questions(2) Write up your lab report using the simple example(3) Include pictures of you actually doing the experiment. You can use a smart phone to shoot a photo right through the eye piece on the microscope, of the culture, the bacteria on a plate, any color changes or even your set up and homemade incubator.(4) Include one or two references which can be found by “Googling” on the Internet.

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