IMC plan for red bull marketing assignment help

  1. Identify the Brand in the Topic Proposal
    • Select a brand.-red bull
    • Describe the brand and underlying brand concept (the brand concept for Disney has been described as family magic—every product, service, and promotional tool must fit with this).
    • What is the brand problem that needs to be solved (e.g., increase awareness)?
    • Target market—What is the profile of the typical customer (demographics, lifestyle, usage pattern)?<—- Ive done this part already
  2. The IMC Plan ——-(start here )
    • Corporate growth objectives
    • Analysis of the promotional program situation
    • Communications goals and objectives
    • Budget determination
    • Overview of IMC promotional mix
    • Monitoring, evaluating, and controlling the IMC process
  3. Promotional Mix: Each promotional mix tool and campaign requires an objective, a budget, a message strategy, a media plan, and artwork.
    • Advertising
    • Internet marketing
    • Direct marketing
    • Sales promotion
    • Public relations
  4. Final Report: Students will incorporate the rough drafts of the IMC plan and individual campaigns, as well as any feedback, and revise, edit, and proofread a final report. References will be provided in APA format.
  5. PowerPoint: Students will provide a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation.
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