In the United States most wireless carriers are migrating to 4G based mobile technology homework help

The Discussion contains two separate topics. You should adhere to the requirements:

1. 250 words that covers what is covered.

2. At least one cited resource in APA style.

3. No plagiarism above 15%

Topic 1:

In the United States, most wireless carriers are migrating to 4G-based mobile technology. Discuss the current state of networks in the Middle East in terms of 3G versus 4G. What are the security, capacity, and voice quality advantages that 4G technology provides over 3G?

Topic 2:

Briefly explain store-and-forward and real-time communications, and the threats associated with each. What do you think is the biggest threat to each? Why? What do you believe is the best practice for securing Voice over IP (VoIP) communications? Explain you answer.

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