INEVITABLE FACTS OF TRANSFORMATION: Managing and Engaging, writing homework help

The agency under scrutiny is the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta Georgia and my project topic is on the Title tab. Lack of governance system (policy), which has led to poor training, is the root cause of our problem. 

Our baby boomers do not want any change, and our management style needs to be restructured to meet the standard of our current environment and situation.  I will be analyzing the organization’s leadership style and management skills through the 7-S framework.  In addition, my project will also address how the management team can motivate staff through utilizing an innovative strategy that will enhance employee’s job satisfaction by explaining how good human relations (like positive interactions) between employers and employees can lead to high levels of job satisfaction and morals. 

To make the top management, who are the “baby boomers” understand the vital use of a PIV card is a torture.  They wanted to continue with the old ways of technology, with no agenda of approving trainings of new technologies to the staff.  The cause of the problem is that the top managements are not ready to approve trainings and go for trainings themselves.  We are all stagnant and” bottled up in a spot.”  The costs of cyber-attacks have significantly affected our agency, and nation-state attacks have threatened the security of the entire country, therefore, renewing the focus on and demand for cyber defense is very important.  In the 90s, there was no need for considering those, and thereby no need for staff to go for training on it.  Now, there is a serious need for Cyber security training and all agencies that want to succeed in the end supposed to have a policy that governs that, or better still, change their policy to accommodate trainings of sort. 

Furthermore, the traditional management style of prolonging rewards and incentives for a job well done is over.  Today’s work culture utilizes instant values to individual for their unique strengths.  It is a culture that continually communicates, and most importantly, one that takes the time to thank and recognize individuals for making their time at work counts.  They are a generation that seeks constant feedback, mentorship, and guidance.  Professor Self, it is not just about the Millennials, but it is about creating the right work culture that they demand — one that Boomers and Generation -X should have been demanding all along.  United States Penitentiary in Atlanta Georgia tends to kill youthful enthusiasm with old-school management styles instead of figuring out how to embrace work attitudes and philosophies that were right and refreshing on so many different levels.


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