The goals of this project are to: a) find and communication information about microbes to peers b) show understanding of microbe structure & function c) understand the variety of microbes in our environment Project Part I: Each student will choose two species of microbes for this project  These microbes cannot be disease-causing. One species must be a bacterium. One species must be a fungus. You cannot use the same species as another student. Once you have selected both species you wish to use, email your choices to Dr. Nesbit. Your microbes must be *approved* by Dr. Nesbit before 11:00am on March 8th . I recommend choosing early to avoid a scramble or late penalty for submitting the same species as another student. The project submission should be two separate files uploaded to Blackboard by 11:00am on March 22nd. The files must be .pdf format of a one page infographic  Infographics should be your work and meet the following guidelines: ? have good flow, design with images that is easy to read and follow ? state type of microbe (bacterium, fungus, protozoa, or archaea) ? state scientific name of microbe (Genus and species) ? provide detailed cellular features of microbe (shape, prokaryote/eukaryote, cell wall components, flagella, coenocytic/septate hyphae, vacuoles, additional organelles or inclusion bodies, etc.) ? provide detailed growth & reproduction conditions for the microbe (what environment is it found, does it need oxygen, does it grow in high temperatures or special salt, does it do binary fission or spores, what kind of spores, etc.) ? explain in detail what energy source & metabolism the microbe uses (For example: if the microbe uses fermentation, then say what is being fermented and what is produced during fermentation. If a microbe can use multiple metabolisms, talk about them)  give additional special features or interesting uses of microbe (why do we care) ? provide references for where information was found (not Wikipedia or Microbewiki or Google Search) Save

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