Informative speech outline

You will create two outlines for your informative speech: a preparation outline and a speaking outline

  • Both outlines must be double spaced with 12pt font and 1-inch margins
    • Both outlines must include a Reference Page
    • You may use your speaking outline as notes during the delivery of your speech
      • Use your notes as a guide, not a script. You will lose all points for delivery of you are reading from an outline like a manuscript.
      • Speaking outlines should be a maximum of 3 pages


      • You should have 2 or 3 main points in your speech
      • You will use a minimum of 3 references to support and explain your ideas
        • Sources must be from 2013 or sooner
        • One source must be scholarly, one source must be popular, the third source can be scholarly or popular
        • Refrain from using the following websites: any “Wiki” site,,,, and
      • All research will follow APA format for all in-text citations and sources on your Reference Pag

      my topic is” How To Cure Depression “Thesis: Depression has been an important issue in today’s society. Many people suffered because of depression, or some group of people won’t realize they have depression. The solutions for curing depression could largely help people throughout their daily lives and might bring a healthy lifestyle to them.Main points:

      • Depression is not a medical disorder but a state of emotional imbalance.
      • Depression’s effect on relationships.
      • Effective alternative treatments to depression.

      I need 3 pages preparation outline exclude the reference page, and maybe 2 pages preparation outline.

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