Inmate force rights, assignment help

Each week, post on at least three separate days to the Discussion. Each post should be of a high quality. Your first post should be by Wednesday, 11:59PM (Mountain).

Here is the first question on the Discussion page. Be sure to select the Discussion page to the left under Week 5 and respond to the following question:

(6b) If an individual is an inmate at a correctional facility, that status does not mean force can be used on him or her with impunity. In this discussion, you will consider some of the concerns presented by the application of force to inmates.

Please respond to the following prompts:

  • What rights should inmates have, and why? To what degree must they be protected?
  • What differences, if any, should there be in the amount of force corrections personnel can use on inmates versus what police can use on suspects?
  • Do you think Tasers and stun guns are effective and/or ethical tools? Why or why not?
  • Support and defend each of your answers.

This does not have to be in APA format it is just a discussion and it must be at least 250 words

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