key managerial competencies it is the self-management, management homework help

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Among the six key managerial competencies it is the self-management is the most important in my opinion. I believe effective management starts within the manager himself as to how he handles certain aspect of his person in managing other people, how he balances his work and life demands, how he carries himself around other people, and what his qualities are to be in that position. Managing is a tough job especially in a big organization and if a person is not ready for the responsibilities nor does not have the qualities to be a good manager, chances are, he would not be successful at it. It is important that he believes in himself that he can perform the managerial duties. It takes a lot to be a manager and people has to see the qualities of a manager in him to able to get respect as a leader. Strategic action is least important for me as strategies I believe are formulated after taking care the rest of the areas in the managing process. For example, at the beginning of the work day a manager is aware of how many workers are present, what is the workload, what are the possible difficulties might be encountered, are the equipment ready, with all these facts given, a manager can now plan on how to accomplish the tasks for that day. Strategy, I believe, is not something constant as things or events change without notice sometimes and a manager has to adapt to such changes.

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