Learning Activity for week 1

Week 1 Learning Activity 1

In Chapter 1 “Mastering Strategy: Art and Science” of our textbook (2014), we learn the differences among intended, emergent and realized strategies in corporate strategy. Share with the class the strategy of a company that you have worked for, currently work for, or have researched:


Unknown (2014).  Introduction to strategic management.  Washington, D.C.:  The Saylor Foundation.

(1)What is the strategy of this company or organization?

(2)How has the strategy evolved from the initial strategy (or intended strategy) to the current strategy?

(3)What has caused this company to adopt an emergent strategy? Why?

(4)What has (or have) been the non-realized strategy (or strategies) of this company (or organization)?

Please note: A non-realized strategy is the abandoned parts of the intended strategy. (Introduction to Strategic Management, 2014, p.20)

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