Let’s assume the client in the fact pattern in this week’s discussion board did not want to… 1 answer below »


For this assignment, you will be using the skills you learned in the interviewing process in a letter to

the client. In this letter, you will introduce yourself and your role, and briefly explain the initial stages

of the estate administration process. Avoid copying the dialogue into your response, as this is a

letter, not a conversation.


Let’s assume the client in the fact pattern in this week’s discussion board did not want to purchase

the mother’s house (in other words, forget about only those facts) and now has been appointed as the

PR (Personal Representative). His name is Sam Sinclair, and his mailing address is 24 Clark Street,

Simple City, CT. His mother’s name was Eloise Sinclair.

Using the other facts in the fact pattern, draft a letter to the client briefly describing the initial probate

process (do not explain the process from start to finish—choose the first few procedures necessary

for getting the process started). Also, while describing each procedure, ask the client for any

additional information that may be necessary to complete that procedure if we do not have all the

information. Remember to include how you, as the legal assistant, will assist the PR in the various



• This letter should be a minimum of two (2) pages in length, single-spaced, using 12 pt. Times

New Roman font.

• Be sure to use appropriate paragraph breaks and keep your writing free from spelling and

grammatical errors.

• Use your textbook as a primary resource. You may use outside sources to enhance your


Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again

after you write.


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