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Directions: This learning activity asks for two parts: that you create a cover letter and a questionnaire, which you will distribute to collect primary data to answer your specific research question(s). This satisfies the proposal requirement that you conduct primary research. You will include your findings in your final paper and in your professional oral presentation.

For example, perhaps you are proposing to your boss that your company create an on-site daycare center. You would then want to create a questionnaire to distribute to your co-workers to gather data to further your proposal.

As the text discussed, you need to carefully construct your questions so they are valid and reliable to ensure proper data results. When constructing your questionnaire, remember to include instructions for the participant on how to correctly complete and return the survey (e.g., email, mail, in person, etc.). The questionnaire should include a minimum of 10 questions.

Along with the questionnaire, complete a cover letter addressed to your instructor answering the following questions:
1. Why are you conducting this questionnaire? (Inform them of who you are.)
2. Who is the target audience? (Why are you asking them for information?)
3. What data are you looking to gather?
4. Why did you choose to organize your questionnaire in the format you used (open-ended, close-ended questions, etc.)?

NOTE: You have 2 weeks to collect your data from the questionnaire you create this week.



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