MA215 Grantham University Errors in Hypothesis Testing Paper

Errors in Hypothesis Testing

Watch the video:

  • List AND EXPLAIN each the steps in hypothesis testing. Do not use the critical value method – explain the p-value method. There should be at least 5 steps.
  • Hint from Dr. Klotz: These steps must be used for each set of directions in the assignments and projects which asks you to do a “full hypothesis test.” The number one error in former students’ homework/project for Weeks 6 and 7 is that they did not do the steps. Keep this list in front of you for the next two weeks.
  • What is the goal of hypothesis testing?
  • What are null and alternative hypotheses?
  • In §9.2 the concepts of Type I and Type II errors are introduced.Consider the situation where a husband and wife go to the doctor’s office to each get some tests run and the doctor accidentally mixes up their charts. The doctor comes into the exam room with the results of the tests and declares that the wife is NOT pregnant but her husband IS indeed pregnant with a baby.
  • How does this illustrate the concepts behind Type I and Type II errors? Make sure to state your null hypothesis for this situation when discussing error.

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