Madonna Case, assignment help

Madonna Case Questions (three pages (Times New Roman, 12 point, single spaced ))

1.Why has Madonna been so successful in the world of entertainment?
2.Does Madonna have a strategy? If so, what are the main elements of that strategy? 
3.What is strategy? Conventionally, strategy has been identified with planning. What is the meanning of “strategy” in a fast-changing,unpredictable environment? Examining Madonna’s career over the past 30 years forces us to address that fundamental question about the nature of strategy.
4.What is the role of strategy in success? Why are some individuals and organizations more successful than others? Is it happenstance( being in the right place at the right time), the hand of God, or are there decisions and behaviors that are likely to lead to better outcomes? If the last of these is true, then we are well an our way to identifying strategies conducive to superior performance. 
5.What are the critical ingredients of a successful strategy? Can we generalize about the features of strategies that promote success rather than failure?
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