Make REVISION TO EXISTING Assessment Essay

I need you to add the information I’m lacking from the professor’s comments…It needs to be in details…The most important part is adding my BetterUp Assessment results to the paper and how it defines me as a leader. Look through each comment below and make sure to incorporate it in the paper.


explain how coaching can help with the use of leadership strengths to achieve professional goals.

analyze personal leadership strengths.

You need more analysis with respect to purpose and values as a leader. The terms value and purpose are not in your paper

You are right on track with your analysis but to improve in this area, you must take the Better-Up Assessment and discuss three strengths identified from this instrument. You need to identify your Better up results


So the assessment asked these questions: What would you do in a situation and how well of a leader are you when it comes to working with coworkers. Would they follow your guidance when it comes to assisting them on a task. It was more so on the strongly disagree and strongly agree scale. It also talked about how satisfied you are with your employer. What was my job title which is an Inventory Management Specialist. Where do I see myself on the job and do I planned on leaving, I replied no because I’d have room to grow with the company. It also talked about what type of goals did I set and were they easy or something challenging and I said something challenging. It also asked me to step up an appointment which I did to have a 45 minute meeting with my Coach Kathleen from capella to discuss my progress in the program.

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