Managerial Accounting -academic journal articles discussion, business and finance homework help

Students are to select and read one of the following academic journal articles. Students may pick any one of the articles.

For your original and reply posts, be sure to post to the discussion thread associated with your article.

Students can find all articles on the library database Business Source Complete.


  • McNiece, T. M. (1928). Analysis of Wholesaler’s Operating Costs. Harvard Business Review, 7(1), 20.
  • McDonald, H. E., & Stromberger, T. L. (1969). Cost control for the professional service firm. Harvard Business Review, 47(1), 109-121.
  • Dearden, J. (1978). Cost accounting comes to service industries. Harvard Business Review, 56(5), 132-140.
  • Gardner, F. V. (1954). Breakeven Point Control for Higher Profits. Harvard Business Review, 32(5), 123-130.
  • Cooper, R., & Kaplan, R. S. (1988). Measure Costs Right: Make the Right Decision. Harvard Business Review, 66(5), 96-103.
  • Drucker, P. F. (1963). Managing for Business Effectiveness. Harvard Business Review, 41(3), 53-60.
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