Marketing decisions for a fast food restaurant, marketing homework help

You are the marketing director of a fast food restaurant.  Your company is expanding overseas and you have been asked to study the culture and customs of that country to determine how to best serve the population. 

The countries you may choose from are:  Japan, Israel, Vietnam, England, or Germany.  The fast food restaurants you may choose from are:  Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, Starbuck’s, or Arby’s. Make every effort to choose a country and restaurant that is different from one that your fellow classmates have already chosen. 

Discuss key concerns about being successful in the country.  What kinds of things are important to know?  How might that foreign government affect your new venture?  What role will cultures and customs play? How might customer service differ? 

Be sure to back up your discussion with research.  You must use at least two resources other than your textbook.  The references must be cited in the body of you initial post and referenced at the bottom of your initial post.  Citations and references must in APA format.  

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