Marketing Paper: Milestone One Developing a Business Plan for a new product

My selected company is Starbucks. And my “new” product idea for them to sell is sushi boxes (pre-packaged boxes). I attached the rubric and it is imperitive the paper is written to the rubric.

This “milestone one” paper begins your research and strategy development for your NEW PRODUCT/SERVICEidea. You’ll clarify your NEW business idea and record facts about your target audience, need assessments, competitor analysis, and pricing. You must produce concrete data and information about the real companies you discuss to substantiate your claims. (‘Substantiate’ here means you must produce evidence to support your statement.) You must at least ESTIMATE probable costs and likely prices to charge customers, SEE RUBRIC DETAILS and the SAMPLE student paper.

As the milestone one and final project rubric explain, you are developing a business plan for a NEW product for your previously “chosen company.” But you should be launching a product or service that your company does not yet offer – NEW! Remember to REVIEW the final project guidelines and rubric to understand how the milestone one paper fits into the big picture. It’s just PART of the complete business plan due at the end of the course.


Make sure you FOLLOW THE RUBRIC AS THE OUTLINE FOR YOUR PAPER. Please USE HEADLINES to organize your paper for the reader.

The Suggested Outline: (A PERFECT MATCH for the rubric):

0. Abstract (Optional)

I. Brief introduction of your NEW PRODUCT or SERVICE

II. Context: Defining Features

III. Effectiveness: Fits

IV. Context: Effectiveness

V. Need: Target Market (Key demographics)

VI. Need: Target Market (Other demographics)

VII. Need: Want or Need

VIII. Need: Why

IX. Pricing: Costs (expenses)
Include a TABLE with calculations, accompanied by narrative explanation

X. Pricing: Pay (price to charge customers)

XI. Pricing: Preference

XII. Pricing: Strategy

XIII. Brief Conclusion

IXX. References (APA)

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