MATH271 University of Michigan Population & Quantitative Variable Project

The detailed assignment requirement is post in the attached file, please check, this is a statistic project.


1. (5 points) Choose a population and a quantitative variable. Clearly state your choices in a few sentences.

2. (5 points) Choose a significance level α. Justify your choice in one to two sentences.

3. (20 points) Choose the appropriate hypothesis test for the population mean. Justify your choice by carefully checking the conditions.

4. (10 points) Collect a simple random sample of 10−50 individuals from your population. Give a detailed description of your sampling method and justify why it is a simple random sampling method in one to two paragraphs. Justify your choice of sample size in one paragraph.

5. (10 points) Choose a null hypothesis. Explain your choice in one to two sentences.

6. (10 points) Compute the test statistic. Your work should include your sample data, the sample size, sample mean, and the equations or functions you used.

7. (10 points) Estimate the p-values for each alternative hypothesis. Briefly explain your work.

8. (10 points) Compare each of your p-values to your chosen significance level. Write the appropriate conclusion sentences for each comparison.

9. (10 points) Construct the appropriate confidence interval from your sample data using a confidence level which is C = 1 − α 2 . Does your confidence interval contain the claimed value of the population mean from the null hypothesis?

10. (10 points) What do your hypothesis test results and confidence interval tell you about the population mean for your variable? Justify your answer in one to two paragraphs

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