Schizophrenia:a)  UNDERSTANDING THE DISEASE/DISORDERi)  Background and/or history(1) Who discovered(2) How was it named(3) Associated disorders- (similar to the disease)(4) Type of Disorder- if it is inherited include Genetics of the disorderii)  Environmental Effects(1) Transmission or spreading (2) Behavioral risk factors(3) Seasonal or Climateiii)  Demographics(1) The age one normally gets this disease(2) Statistics of numbers with disease, and in what countriesb)  HOW THE DISEASE AFFECTS THE BODYi)  Biochemical changes that cause the diseaseii)  How the disease affects normal cellular function Pathology(1) Structural and Functional Abnormalities(2) Description of organ system(s) involvediii)  Howaperson’sdailylifeisaffectedbythediseaseiv)  Thesymptomsofthediseasec)  TREATMENTS FOR THE DISEASEi)  Tests a health care provider would run to help diagnose the diseaseii)  Medications to treat the disorder and how they workiii)  Currentresearchtofindacureorbettertreatmentforthedisease;includeacopyofthatarticleanda summary of what you understood about it.iv)  Informationonthecostofhavingthedisease,treatment,medications,hospitalization,etc.NEUROLOGICAL DISORDER PROJECT TOPIC: ___________________________________ TEACHER APPROVAL ________DUEDATE: ___March26__Schizophreniad) CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH.i)  Write about why you chose this disease? – It is interesting that the brain can have a schism that separates it from reality.ii)  What was the most interesting fact that you learned from doing the project? That too much dopamine can cause schiophrenia and too little dopamine can cause Parkinson’s disease.iii)  What was the most important source of information that you used to write your report? Uptodate Harvard medical database.iv)  What questions would you still like answered about this disease? Can gene therapy prevent or treat schizophrenia?v)  What do you feel that everyone should learn from your project? That our body regulates chemical mediators in a very fine range and small deviations from this “normal” range can lead to profound dysfunctions classified as disease.Provided: UptoDate Database on SchizophreniaFile #1

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