MGMT370 Regent University Biblical and Ethical Leaders Discussion

Based on your reading this week, elaborate on a decision aid or method that you liked. Even though decision-making techniques and problem solving models may be simple, they are useful! Research something from our reading and share your findings in at least one post. Use a scholarly/peer-reviewed resource to support your writing.

For example, you could tell how to broaden your choices and identify more, research more about Sam Walton’s decision making or even the decisions made by other managers. These are good examples to follow. Be sure to include Biblical integration and perspective in at least one of your posts. For example, the third chapter of Timothy II explains difficult times in the last days and staying faithful. How does this influence decision-making? Do you identify good example of leadership and/or decision making? Perhaps you have a favorite Biblical leader and want to share your insight as a good example. Many ethical leaders in the Bible are wonderful role models for us today!

  • Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. (2013) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and WorkU.S.: Crown Business. ISBN: 9780307956392
  • Harnish, Verne. (2012). The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Verne Harnish & the Editors of Fortune, Forward by Jim Collins. New York. Published by Fortune Books. Print ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415 e-text ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415

Read: From the Decisive book, chapters 3 & 4 which expands on how to widen your choices

Timothy II, chapter 3 (The KJV is in our Course Resources)

200 – 300 WORDS

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