MKTG6212 Northeastern Wk 2 How to Sell Garbage Disposals in China Discussion

How to Sell Garbage Disposals in China Discussion Questions:

  • Why does the U.S. account for 3/4ths of the global demand for garbage disposals?
  • Is China an attractive market for garbage disposals?
  • How is InSinkErator adapting its garbage disposal for the Chinese market?
  • Assess their chances for success in the Chinese market, considering the pros and cons of entry into the Chinese market.

Apple Scraps Like an Underdog in Second Biggest Mobile Market Discussion Questions:

  • Why does Apple have a 3% market share in India?
  • Assess Apple’s moves to improve its market position in India.
  • What are some broad lessons for product adaption from Apple’s experience India and InSinkErator experience in China?

Please cite all outside resources.

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