MKTG6612 NU Week 3 Amazon Walmart and Medical in India Discussion

New Low-Cost Surgical Tool Could Help Patients in Third World:

  • Describe the innovation process leading to the development of the Xenoscope – the low-cost laparoscope.
  • How does it fit the needs of emerging markets?
  • What product development principles can you draw from this example for product innovation for emerging markets?

Bad Roads, Red Tape, Burly Thugs Slow Wal-Mart’s Passage in India. Watch the Indian Road Trip: Produce’s Long Haul to Market video before you answer the following discussion questions: (

  • Compare the Indian vegetable distribution chain with that used in developed countries such as the US. What are the consequences for Indian farmers- the vegetable growers – and for consumers, of these differences?
  • How might Wal-Mart’s entry into Indian vegetable retailing benefit Indian consumers and the Indian economy?
  • Is Wal-Mart likely to succeed? Should it be entering the Indian market?

Amazon, to Win in Booming Rural India, Reinvents Itself:

How is Amazon adapting to the Indian market- to rural customers, poor roads, language and cultural barriers, lack of bank accounts and other impediments?

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