Model 6 Mayan Civilization and Aztec Empire Quiz Questions

What period of the Maya civilization did a hunter-gatherer culture began to cultivate crops such as maize, beans and other vegetables and the domestication of animals (most notably dogs and turkeys) and plants became widely practiced.AEl Tajin

This period is also known as the Classic Period in Mesoamerican and Mayan history.


During this period of the Mayan civilization, an important religious center and bustling city emerged that was devoted to the worship of a Great Mother Goddess and her consort the Plumed Serpent. The Plumed Serpent god Kukulkan (also known as Gucamatz) was the most popular deity among the Maya.

What period of the Mayan civilization that thrived around 600 BCE-800 CE and some of the most important cultural elements of the region were disseminated such as writing, mathematics, astronomy and the development of the calendar.


What period of the Maya civilization is also known as the Pre-Classic or Formative Period when the oldest culture in Mesoamerica, thrived.

Describe two key facets of Tenochtitlan from the Aztec Empire.

Describe in two to three paragraphs the process of ritual sacrifice in Aztec culture.

In three to four paragraphs describe what you find to be THREE of the most interesting aspects of the Incan Civilization.

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