Need management help to Respond to Denise Morrison Week 7 Discussion

  1. There are four key processes involved in Total Rewards planning:

  2. Assessment

  • Design

  • Execution

  • Evaluation

    I cannot specifically say that two of these steps are most important. Each one of the steps plays a role in planning and development. Assessment is when what is working right and what needs improvement is evaluated. This is key in determining what changes should be focused on. Design is more complicated in that it involves compensation, benefits, work/life balance and development. Execution occurs when a Total Rewards plan is put into place. Evaluation is when the outcomes and data sources are reviewed to gauge how well the program is working. Each process is integral to the success of planning a Total Rewards and long-term implementation being productive.


Heneman, R. (n.d.). Implementing Total Rewards Strategies. In SHRM Foundation. Retrieved December 2, 2015, from

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