need these questions asnswered in 6 hrs.

What possible drawbacks do you see associated with the expansion of expedited arbitration?

What, duty, if any, does an arbitrator have to parties to see that both are competently represented?

Give arguments for and against the gender involvement of attorneys in arbitration, as both advocates and umpires.

If government employee were to be given a limited right to strike, which occupations should be prohibited from striking, and under what conditions should the prohibition be enforced?

Should public employees’ unions be barred from making political contributions in jurisdictions in which they represent employees?

Given the degree of democracy found in U.S. political jurisdictions, Why isn’t there more democracy in the workplace?

Why are there such large differences in the structure of unions and managements for negotiation in Germany and Japan, yet such similar levels of consultation in the workplace?

Are the concepts of exclusive representation and mandatory bargaining issues anachronisms in a modern industrial society? 

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