There is no minimun count of words just anwer the question. There are 10 questions based on little videos.ALL ANSWERs must come from the video NO PLAJIARISM IT WILL BE CHECKED. just be honest and do it the right This assignment is really important . THis due TOMARROW 7/21/16.DescriptionWatch this great video on NPR about how a virus invades your body. read the article or listen to the podcast about the spread of an antibiotic resistant bacteria on the following link. are two other links for you to use in this assignment. Those links will be in the questions to which they are associated. It is not necessary that you read the full articles at those links.Eight of the ten questions in this assignment have answers that are to be gained from the second NPR link (podcast on  Klebsiella pneumoniae).QUESTION 1What is the scientific name of the bacterial species that has developed “superbug” strains referred to as KPC?QUESTION 2According to the talk, what is the name of “the best known” drug-resistant bacteria?QUESTION 3According to McKenna, what makes KPS different from other superbugs?QUESTION 4In what hospital did the outbreak of KPC featured in this story occur? What’s special / different about this hospital? What type of health care facilities are at risk?QUESTION 5Dr. Eli Perencevich explained the two main reasons that KPC and other antibiotic resistant Gram negative pathogens so difficult to eliminate. What are those two reasons?QUESTION 6What is the mortality rate for bacteremia (bacteria in blood) from KPC, in this most recent outbreakQUESTION 7Although we have not been successful in entirely stopping their spread, what are at least four of the current recommended practices for infection prevention and control regarding these superbug.QUESTION 8Why are pharmaceutical companies reluctant to devote resources to developing new classes of antibiotics?QUESTION 9At the following peer reviewed journal article  is an description of a specific research project from 2015.What are these researchers hoping their discoveries can eventually lead to (5 points)?What does EV stand for and what is their general size (5 points)?QUESTION 10Regarding the superbug recently found in the patient discussed in this article, the following 3 questions:A) What drug is this superbug resistant to?B) Is this superbug also a type of CRE resistant bacteria?C) What superbug do you know of that is a type of CRE resistant bacteria?

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