Opium goes global, assignment help


Please discuss the Threat Assessment (2011) promulgated by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the role that Organized Crime Groups and Narco-Traffickers are perpetuating narcotics abuse and addiction.

650 words min with 2 APA references



Along with P1 this will require 2 feedback posts (this part will come later, approx 2 days after the deadline of part one)

the feedback post will be 250 words min EACH with in text citations and APA references 

In the past I have posted the feedback separately, but since you have done this before I am just going to include it  along with this one ( as well as in the weeks to come for other assignments )

The instructions for the
feedback are as follows:

Each feedback post needs to be 250 words or more, and should include information that helps to enhance the discussion on the topic.Try to include information that is challenging and respectful and that will stimulate debate


part 1= 24-48 hours– If possible under 36 hours- Id like to have it by at least Tuesday mid afternoon 

part 2= will range from 2-4 days after part one is complete( this will vary being that I will have to wait until  2 posts are made so that I can send this to you, make sense?)

being that I’m including two parts this time I am going to make the deadline a total of 5 days, but keep in mind PART 1 IS DUE WITHIN 2 DAYS…

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