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If your solution to the problem is not used what impact will it have on the agency you were assigned. It is an individual project.

The State Parole’s Solutions

All members agreed with Chief Moore’s remarks. It was clear that failure was not an option. A decision was reached, and the VBBC was going to be attacked on two levels:

  1. Tracking down the ongoing police investigations as well as prosecutions of the group members
  2. A collaborative strategy to work hand in hand to minimize crime in Virtual.

This included arresting members of the group, looking for sufficient evidence to ensure that they are taken off the streets lawfully, inflicting sense in young members who were being recruited into the group, and ensuring that all other business chains are broken (National Crime Prevention Center). My Department of Parole is supposed to deal with VBBC parolees. There are already six VBBC parolees residing in Virtual. Through strict monitoring, treatment against addiction and other problems, helping them find full-time jobs, ensuring their distance from fellow VBBC members among other approaches (Sprecher, 2016), the department was able to help five of them turn their back on the group. Though club members can be tricky by wearing masks at times, this is a big step towards the group’s goal. In addition to that, three of the six parolees are willing to testify against the group, hence there is a huge progress so far. The VBBC leader, who is one among the six parolees, has been a significant challenge for the department. However, efforts now are being directed towards pushing him to renounce the group. However, the VBBC Task Force believes that it is about to get sufficient evidence to put him behind bars for a long time. Finally, the VBBC will be disabled and Virtual will return to normalcy.

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