Peer response to outline

Working with your assigned partner (I’ll dictate this based on research topics), download their outline and open it in Word/Google Docs. Review the Straub reading, specifically the section on asking questions in the margins. Following Straub’s model questions, use the “insert comment” feature to pose at least one content-oriented question per L-2 heading. Encourage your partner to think more deeply about their topic and how they organize their ideas. Some questions to consider asking (adapt these to your partner’s topic):

  • Why does it make sense to present Topics X/Y together?
  • I see that you’re considering Source A, here, but wouldn’t Source A make more sense if we’d already been introduced to Source B? Both sources comment on Issue Q, but…
  • Your new idea comes in here, but wouldn’t Section 1 be more effective if we already knew what you planned to argue?
  • This might be a rough transition; how can we logically structure your information to ease this shift in focus?

As you reply to your peer, it will be especially important to pair content questions and structural observations. You’re not an expert in their topic, but you sure do know how to organize a research paper and write an outline. Don’t be afraid to project, a bit, and comment on what you think a reader might have difficulty doing with the final project.

Once you’ve completed this response, post it as a reply to your partner’s original Discussion Board post.

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