Preliminary Project Schedule, management assignment help

Below is a high-level milestone schedule including deliverables and subtasks

Project kickoff- 12/10/16

Develop Week 1 content- 12/20/16

Develop Week 2 content- 1/20/17

Develop Week 3 content- 2/6/17

Status Update to Stakeholders – (Deliverable due 2/6/17)

Create pre-test- 2/6/17

Develop Week 4 content- 2/24/17

Develop Week 5 content- 3/20/17

Develop Week 6 content- 4/14/17

Status Update to Stakeholders – (Deliverable due 4/14/17)

Develop Week 7 content – 5/20/17

Purchase equipment for students- 5/20/17

Content Design Review with Stakeholders- (Deliverable due 06/05/17)

Include feedback from Stakeholders in course content- 07/14/17

Initiation of Pilot Course- 08/14/17

Completion of Pilot Course- 09/25/17

Submit Course Feedback from students- (Deliverable due 10/06/17)

Write Final Report- 10/27/17

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