Project managment quiz help

1. Which is the BEST definition of quality?

A. A product made of very expensive materials.

B. A product made with a lot of care by the team who built it.

C. A product that satisfies the requirements of the people who pay for it.

D. A product that passes all of its tests.

2. A project manager is reporting the final status of the closed contract to the stakeholders. Which form of communication is appropriate?

A. Informal written

B. Informal verbal

C. Formal written

D. Formal verbal

3. What is a risk owner?

A. The person who monitors the watchlist that contains the risk.

B. The person who meets with stakeholders to explain the risk.

C. The person who makes a risk happen. 

D. The person who is responsible for the response plan for the risk.

4. You are managing a design project. You find that bringing all of your team members into a single room to work increases their communication, and helps build a sense of community. This is referred to as a:

A. War room

B. Virtual team

C. Socially active team

D. Common area

5. Complete the following sentence: “The later a defect is found, __________ .”

A. the easier it is to find

B. the more expensive it is to repair

C. the less important it is to the product

D. the faster it is to repair

6. You have just been authorized to manage a new project for your company. Which of the following BEST describes your first action?

A. Create the work breakdown structure

B. Develop the project management plan

C. Develop the project charter

D. Create the preliminary scope statement

7. Which of the following is NOT one of the triple constraints?

A. Scope

B. Time

C. Quality

D. Cost

8. Information about the project must be distributed to all stakeholders. Which of the following process outputs is used to report the status and cost of project activities?

A. Work performance information

B. Issue logs

C. Status reports

D. Project records

9. Which of the following is a defect?

A. A mistake made by a team member on the job

B. A change that the team needs to make in how they do the work

C. A project management plan that does not meet its requirements

D. A change request that’s been rejected by the change control board

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